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This au is like really amazing ;-; and it makes me sad you're losing motivation. I really like your work  

I still love this AU! I’m not losing motivation I just literally have not been drawing ;; (even what I’m supposed to be drawing ahhh I’m a horrible human being)

Unfortunately, if you’ve followed me for a long time you might have noticed that when I have breaks from school I am incredibly unproductive (if I ever disappear for more than a week that’s why) Since I’m currently done with school forever my brain just doesn’t know how to cope with the free time so I just play computer games and hate myself hahahaha

Gonna…try…to draw tonight and tomorrow but I can make no promises I’m sorry ;;

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eek i lied, here have this peace offering

eek i lied, here have this peace offering

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Updating tomorrow I promise ahhhh

Sorry for inactivity, been going through some personal stuff ;;

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i’m so sorry how slowly this moves omg i just imagine scenes in my head and they seem important but then i remember i have to draw everything

actual things happening in the update tomorrow i promise 

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well, cas, you tried

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don’t drop the priceless artwork dean!!

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the blake family is doing an auction on the island - as with a lot of smaller, old towns, there are a lot of antique stores. sarah is accompanying her father, but mostly because she wants to visit the island.

and dean apparently thinks lawyers have no culture and suck blood. 

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haha i updated three times and absolutely nothing happened i am so sorry guys the next few will actually have things i just have to get there

also wow this airport au has so much to do with airplanes and flying

ha    ha                    h a

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(just getting abaddon in there. i had something a lot better and more detailed but it got lost when my photoshop crashed ;;)

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i mean

ruby does have him wrapped around her finger

(sam actually likes her though, even though she sometimes flirts with him and he doesn’t know what to do because WOW SHE’S PRETTY but dean’s pretty much warned him enough that he won’t get involved with her. as such, they’re just friends, even though she can still make him blush at the drop of a hat)

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