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*whispers* psst I wrote a fic based off of the askparadiseair blog you should go look


So not only is the title of this perfect, but actually everything is perfect about this omg

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Anonymous said:
When are you going to update next?!?! I check once a week to see what's new, but you haven't updated I a long time. Are you not doing this anymore?  

Hey hey hey! I am still planning on updating! I just graduated grad school so most of my time has been devoted to job searching and avoiding art, unfort. Now that I’ve got a job I’ve been preoccupied with moving so I can start it haha

I plan on drawing for it this week, but the internet in my new apartment won’t be on until next week unfortunately :/ (I’m on my phone, hence this isn’t tagged I’m sorry!!)

I LOVE this au!!! And I won’t abandon it! But if you follow my art blog you’ll notice it hasn’t been updated very often either haha - it’s a lot of me making a transition to having more free time than I know what to do with. And the job stuff has been a whirlwind of a month, so. I start work on the second, so my schedule should finally level out where I’ll be doing more art :)

Thanks for everyone who has been so patient and stuck with me this long! So so so so sorry for lack of updates :( just know I still love it and want to work on it more!

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some losers on their first date
(pilot!AU dean/cas commission for skydark)


some losers on their first date

(pilot!AU dean/cas commission for skydark)

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Anonymous said:
This au is like really amazing ;-; and it makes me sad you're losing motivation. I really like your work  

I still love this AU! I’m not losing motivation I just literally have not been drawing ;; (even what I’m supposed to be drawing ahhh I’m a horrible human being)

Unfortunately, if you’ve followed me for a long time you might have noticed that when I have breaks from school I am incredibly unproductive (if I ever disappear for more than a week that’s why) Since I’m currently done with school forever my brain just doesn’t know how to cope with the free time so I just play computer games and hate myself hahahaha

Gonna…try…to draw tonight and tomorrow but I can make no promises I’m sorry ;;

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eek i lied, here have this peace offering

eek i lied, here have this peace offering

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Updating tomorrow I promise ahhhh

Sorry for inactivity, been going through some personal stuff ;;

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i’m so sorry how slowly this moves omg i just imagine scenes in my head and they seem important but then i remember i have to draw everything

actual things happening in the update tomorrow i promise 

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well, cas, you tried

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don’t drop the priceless artwork dean!!

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the blake family is doing an auction on the island - as with a lot of smaller, old towns, there are a lot of antique stores. sarah is accompanying her father, but mostly because she wants to visit the island.

and dean apparently thinks lawyers have no culture and suck blood. 

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