it makes me SO HAPPY that people are concerned about cas and his living situation omg

(mostly because i’d been wanting to do more with it and now have an excuse)

(also, this plot section is nearing an end and i’m open for suggestions on who/what should be focused on next. the goal of this au is for all of the characters to have back stories so i always welcome questions not about dean or cas ;) though they are still very much the focus)

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canyounotmywaywarddaughter said:

the AU is this whole blog!

basically, it starts with this post and (right now) you can probably start at page 17 of the blog and just go forward from there.

basically, the AU is that everyone works at a small airport, most of the angels are pilots, and dean is a mechanic/war vet. very little actual piloting or airport stuff, though. mostly just sitcom style drama, and highly influenced by the show “wings” and the radio show “cabin pressure.”

there is no fic, and there is no actual plotline really. anyone is welcome to write for it or draw for it as long as they tag me (thimblings) so i can see it! and uh that’s it.


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cas is a surprisingly snuggly sleeper, apparently

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dean, you seem a little too¬†embarrassed about making breakfast. i wonder….

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they are both wondering how they EVER thought this would be a good idea

and how their lives became a sitcom

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they’re actually the biggest losers

they’re actually the biggest losers

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the dream for this AU, i think, is for it to eventually become an actual comic (i think of it like a doofy shoujo comedy manga).

for that however. i’d have to have an actual storyline instead of just random threads of character development. so i don’t know if that’ll happen. i love this AU and this blog a lot, and i think i’d eventually like to compile it all down into an actual story. but for now. makin it up as i go

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Anonymous said:
Im in love with Cas' shitty apartment  

Cas’s shitty apartment is literally my favorite thing to think about in this AU.

Like every time I plan it out in my head it just gets shittier and it’s amazing

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i have given cas and dean way too many traits that are like either me or my father.

like, right now, i am eating cereal out of the box for dinner because i am poor and my parents loved me enough to buy me food. later, i will sit on my bed and watch trash tv. this is how i imagine cas spending his weekends.

one thing that will never probably come up in this au but is kind of my head canon for dean in this (and in general) is that when he was a teen, he used to have anger problems. he was really passionate and mad at the world and his dad and would bottle it up a lot and sometimes it would just explode.

so when he’d get really upset, he had this record player in his room and he would lay in bed in listen to either “hey jude” or the album “manna” by bread (specifically “if”) to mellow out.

(this is what my dad used to do when he was a teen, and it just really made me think of dean idk)

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